Norma McElligott, Cork

Norma McElligottNorma lives in Cork and as well with being a Humanist celebrant, is a psychotherapist and an English teacher. “For me being a celebrant gives a voice to my own belief that all human beings matter and deserve respect and love, whatever their beliefs or circumstances.”

Norma came to Humanism through her work as a psychotherapist where her philosophy is based on a person centered approach where individuals learn to trust and be guided by their own inner compass rather than relying on external evaluation. She believes it is important that those who choose to live their lives without religion should be able to access help in constructing a ceremony around a meaningful life event and to acknowledge life milestones with a sense of occasion and gravitas.


“I feel privileged to be invited into peoples’ lives to help them put together a unique and personal ceremony, be it to welcome a new child into the family, planning to marry, to renew wedding vows or following the death of a loved one. As an English teacher I love words and enjoy helping people to create very personal and meaningful ceremonies to them.”

Norma is available for ceremonies in Cork and Kerry.

Contact details:

Mobile: 086-3225624

Email: [email protected]









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