Humanist ceremonies are always unique and distinctive
because they put you at the centre of the ceremony.

Why Choose a Humanist Ceremony?

...... choose a humanist ceremony because our ceremonies are all about love, not religion, and they always put you at the centre of everything.  Every wedding, naming, coming of age or funeral we do is different because each one is built around the person or the couple. That makes your event unique and meaningful to you, with words, readings, music, day, time and even the location all chosen by you to represent your love, feelings and experiences. 

Our accredited humanist celebrants perform up to 3,000 ceremonies a year and they are all HSE-registered legal solemnisers. That means you can, for example, have your wedding ceremony and reception at the same time in the same place.  HAI celebrants have been helping people celebrate life’s milestones in Ireland for over 25 years. As you go through this site you can read about their training, experience, accreditation and our guarantee to you.

Find a Celebrant

Perhaps you have a date in mind and looking to see who might be available. Use our website to search for a celebrant for your ceremony.

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