Milestone Ceremonies

Age of Reason and Coming of Age ceremonies

Humanist Milestone Ceremonies

A milestone ceremony is a meaningful alternative to confirmation and communion for children of non-religious families.

Age of Reason Ceremony

At around the age of 7-9 years old children enter a period of childhood, which is commonly known as ‘The Age of Reason’. This is a very special time in the lives of these young people and we gather to celebrate and give thanks for their presence in our lives and to mark their stepping into another phase in their development.

Coming of Age Ceremonies

Humanist ‘Coming of Age’ ceremonies are a non-religious alternative to rites of passage for young persons as they prepare to enter adulthood. These ceremonies mark the person’s transition into adulthood where Humanist values - social justice, human rights, equality and compassion - are emphasised.

Milestone ceremonies - two boys on a swing holding baloons
Milestone ceremonies - young child sitting on grandfather's knee at an outdoor party
Milestone ceremonies - young children playing with bubbles

A HAI celebrant, was delighted to help us create a special ceremony for children 7-9 years of age. We aimed to celebrate the kids’ connection to their loved ones and the wider human family, as well as to nature and all living things. Another happy side effect of organising the ceremony was that we got to meet other amazing people who are also raising their kids in a non-religious way. There were 140 people in attendance and the atmosphere was friendly and upbeat. Most importantly our child did not feel excluded when his classmates were celebrating their own religious ceremonies around that age. We now help other families to organise similar ceremonies and always recommend HAI accredited celebrants for the occasion. Let’s celebrate our kids – no child in Ireland should miss out on having a special day. .

Tony O'Donohoe. Coordinator, My Little Big Day Project.


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