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What is Humanism?

What is Humanism?

  • Humanist philosophy is based on an ethical belief in humanity and the individual but in a non-religious context.
  • It is a philosophy based on a commitment to human values not based on dogma and divine intervention. It is not a religion.
  • It is for people who base their interpretation of existence on the evidence of the natural world and its evolution.
  • Humanism continues a tradition which has existed for over 2,500 years and still flourishes today. It is an active, positive philosophy and not a theology.
  • The philosophy is defined by justice, reason, compassion.  It is about ‘being good without God’ with no supernatural powers or sacred texts.
  • The Humanist Association of Ireland (HAI) grew from and replaced the Association of Irish Humanists (AIH), which was founded in 1993 and renamed the Humanist Association of Ireland in 2004.  The HAI signed up to the Amsterdam Declaration 2002 and subsequently the Amsterdam Declaration 2022, a statement outlining the fundamental principles of modern humanism.  We now have many local groups across the country and hold a variety of events throughout the year promoting humanism and addressing the challenges facing humanists.  The organisation’s membership continues to grow year on year as does the demand for its range of non-religious ceremonies.

Would you like to find out more on Humanist philosophy?  We have a recommended reading list.  Also of interest to you might be a look at a list of Famous Humanists.

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