Vow renewals

The renewal of vows is another way of celebrating or re-celebrating a couple’s commitment to each other in marriage.

Humanist Vow renewals

For some it is a way of refreshing their relationship at a significant anniversary and reminding each other why they fell in love in the first place. For others it provides an opportunity of letting their children and even grand-children know what their relationship has meant to them. For couples who made their first vows in 2020 or 2021 during Covid restrictions, there will be many renewal ceremonies so that all the people who couldn’t attend the original ceremony can join the party.

Vow renewals - a couple of senior citizens embracing
Vow renewals - a photo of a handsome gay couple in suits
Vow renewals - a photo of a lesbian couple making a heart sign with their hands

“What stands out in our minds was the uniqueness of it. The planning beforehand helped to create something personal to us. The depth of emotion we felt on that day will stay with us as we continue our lives together.”

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