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Challenges facing Humanists

In its relationship with the State the HAI actively seeks a society where

  • State institutions are not biased towards any particular belief group and
  • the Constitution, laws and practices of the State reflect a secular approach.

In addition, Ireland is becoming a much more diverse society ethnically, culturally and in relation to religious and philosophical beliefs. This factor further emphasises the need for the State to respect secularism and diversity in its Constitution, its laws and its practices.

Examples include:  

  • Dáil and Senate prayers
  • Religious oaths in court
  • Polling stations in denominational, particularly Catholic, schools or other church-owned property rather than in civic buildings
  • Use of State property for religious purposes
  • Burial rights - ensuring local authorities provide municipal burial facilities for the non-religious.
  • The rights of minorities in schools – there is a need to ensure that structures are in place to protect the rights of children who do not belong to the religious denominations involved in the school.

For more detailed information please visit our Constitutional Reform page.

Further and recommended reading: Equality for the Non-Religious.pdf

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