Booking Terms & Conditions

HAI Terms and Conditions

  • You must use the enquiries facility on our website, to check which celebrants are provisionally available for your chosen date. You can then make contact with one or more celebrants, by clicking on the red Contact button on the individual celebrant's page.
  • Prior to making an online booking, you must agree your date in advance with your chosen celebrant and receive a confirmation from them of their availability to carry out your ceremony.
  • If you use the online booking facility without having confirmed availability for your date with your chosen celebrant, you will not actually have booked a ceremony. It is essential to make contact with your celebrant and receive confirmation from them prior to completing your booking online.
  • Your celebrant may require you to pay a deposit in advance of the wedding. Any deposit and the remainder of the fee is payable directly to your celebrant and there may be additional travel expenses, which should also be agreed with the celebrant in advance.
  • You must pay a HAI contribution fee of €90 for a wedding ceremony, and €25 for all other ceremony types.
  • Your ceremony will not be fully confirmed until you have paid the required fee to the HAI.
  • Payment of the HAI contribution fee is in addition to and separate from the fee that is payable to your celebrant for carrying out your ceremony. The HAI bears no liability in respect of the provision or performance of the ceremony and this is entirely a matter between you and the celebrant. The HAI will not be liable for any breach of contract on behalf of the celebrant.
  • The HAI contribution includes a one-year membership of the HAI. This may be either a couple’s membership or an individual membership and it is at your discretion whether or not you choose to avail of it. The HAI will advise you on this by email, after you complete your ceremony booking on our website.
  • If, as a result of government law or regulations or other unforeseeable circumstances beyond your control, you are moving your booking to a different date, you will not forfeit your HAI contribution fee and you will not be required to pay a second contribution.
  • Your contribution to the HAI will be repayable in the case of a cancellation of a ceremony. We will offer you the opportunity for either a full refund or a partial refund. The partial refund will allow you to retain the membership element of your contribution if you had chosen this option (equivalent to the normal couple or individual rate that applied at the time of making the booking).
  • Funeral ceremonies will be accommodated either through our online enquiry system or through direct contact with a celebrant or the HAI Administrator. Clients requesting a funeral do not have to pay the HAI contribution upfront. The contribution may be paid through your celebrant, or the funeral director, as appropriate. You should discuss this directly with your celebrant.
  • When choosing a celebrant from those that are shown as provisionally available, please be advised that as availability can change quickly, results cannot be guaranteed. Celebrants availability will not be confirmed until you agree the date directly with them.

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