All-island Humanist Conference 2021

Wednesday 13th October, 2021 from 7:30pm
“Divided country, divided education. Challenges facing the non religious on the Island of Ireland.”
For our October event the HAI will be holding a joint all-island conference with Northern Ireland Humanists. The subject will be “Divided country, divided education. Challenges facing the non religious on the Island of Ireland.

Northern Ireland Humanists and the Humanist Association of Ireland work on behalf of the growing non-religious community on the island of Ireland to promote equal treatment for everyone, regardless of religious or philosophical belief.
We take an active role in supporting parents and teachers on a variety of issues such as teacher discrimination, compulsory collective worship, the teaching of RE and RSE, and issues with Boards of Governors.
At this event, you will have the opportunity to learn more about education issues that affect those from non-religious or minority belief communities on the island of Ireland, including a discussion on a new study of non-religious teachers on the island of Ireland.

Speakers at the event:
Ruth Wareham is Humanists UK’s Education Campaigns Manager. She works on all Humanists UK’s education issues, from school admissions and discrimination in employment to religious education, collective worship and evolution vs creationism in schools.
David Graham is Communications Officer with Education Equality, a human rights advocacy group campaigning for equal respect for all children at school, regardless of religion, and has worked in the area of education both locally and nationally since 2016.
James Nelson is a Senior Lecturer in the school of Social Sciences, Education and Social Work at Queen’s University of Belfast. His research involves investigating religion and education in various contexts on the island of Ireland. He has carried out work on Shared Education, Community National Schools, and the teaching of Religious Education in Northern Ireland.
Catherine Stapleton is a lecturer in Education in MIC, St. Patrick’s Campus, Thurles. She teaches modules on Diversity and Intercultural Education and Research Methods. Her current research is focused on religion and belief inclusion in educational contexts. Her research projects are funded by the Irish Research Council, Irish Human Rights and Equality Commission and SCoTENS

You can join the event via Zoom
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