UN Call for Inputs from Children

The UN Human Rights Council resolution 49/20 on the rights of the child requests the High Commissioner to prepare a report on the rights of the child and inclusive social protection. The report is to be presented to the Council at its 54th session.

The report aims to explore:

  • the legal and policy framework concerning the rights of the child and inclusive social protection
  • the main gaps and challenges facing children’s access to social protection and the impact of these on children’s rights
  • the elements of a child rights-based approach to inclusive social protection
  • good practices of inclusive social protection for children, and
  • measures to ensure the effective implementation of universal social protection for children, including through international cooperation

The report is to be carried out in cooperation with relevant stakeholders, as well as through consultations with children themselves. Children are asked to send their views, experiences, ideas and suggestions on children’s rights and inclusive social protection.

The HAI is encouraging parents and children to participate, to share their experiences of religious discrimination in schools, such as how their rights are not always recognised in schools, especially with regard to the right to not attend religious instruction, the lack of non-denominational and multi-denominational schools and other examples of religious discrimination in schools. If you are making submissions on any of these topics, you can contact our Advocacy Coordinator on

Children can contribute by email or through an online form till 27 February 2023, or in global online calls with the UN Human Rights Office on 15 and 16 March 2023.

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