International Freedom of Thought Report 2022

Humanists International are launching the 11th edition of the Freedom of Thoughts Report today, Friday 9th December.
The Freedom of Thought Report is the flagship publication of Humanists International, highlighting the discrimination and persecution faced by non-believers around the world.
This edition examines the record of ten States in upholding the rights of the non-religious. Those selected represent a spectrum of secularism, opening up the opportunity to explore how State secularism impacts the respect for the right to freedom of religion or belief, more generally, and the non-religious, specifically.

Humanists International’s research demonstrates that only 4% of the global population live in societies that are truly secular, with separation of religious and political authorities, not discriminating against any religion or belief community.

Approximately 70% of the world’s population live in countries where the expression of humanist values is severely repressed; where the full realization of one’s right to freedom of religion or belief is impossible. The result: harsh penalties for apostasy; a higher likelihood of the perpetuation of harmful traditional practices; religious nationalism entrenching conservative values within society.

Through 10 country chapters, this year’s Key Countries edition demonstrates the progressive erasure of the principle of secularism across the globe, and with it a decline in the protection of human rights. On the other hand, the report also exposes how extreme enforcement of so-called “neutrality” in the name of secularism can also impinge on the rights of others.

The Report exposes the harmful social and political consequences of both extremes of the spectrum of secularism, supporting the organization’s assertions that “secularism is the best approach to politics and the ordering of states, and that it has proved itself to have greater potential for human freedom, happiness, and equality than all other political settlements in history.” For more information, please visit the Humanist International website.

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