Secular Education in Ireland – Interview with HAI CEO Jillian Brennan

Soapbox on Newstalk

HAI CEO, Jillian Brennan, was interviewed yesterday on the Soapbox on Newstalk. Jillian spoke about the difficulties facing non-religious families in our education system. She set out the extremely slow pace of the government’s School Divestment programme, which aims to achieve 400 multi-denominational primary schools by 2030. There are currently approximately 170 such schools, so there is a significant mountain to climb to achieve that goal in the next six years. The HAI does not believe that it can be achieved, given that the average pace of divestment in the last few years has been one to two schools per year. Over 95% of all schools are under religious patronage, with almost 90% being Catholic.

Religious Instruction moved outside of classroom time?

Jillian also spoke about how religious instruction should be moved to the end of the school day, to avoid discrimination against non-religious children or children of minority faiths. You can listen to the CEO’s interview here.

Alternatively you can listen to it here: GoLoudPlayer


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