European Humanist Youth Days

The European Humanist Youth Days are back! Europeans between 18 and 30 years can join us during the month of October for online workshops and virtual ateliers. All workshops and ateliers are free to attend.


– Morality, moral dilemmas and moral injury in a military environment
– Kung Fu with Confucius
– Prison break (breaching the prison walls)
– Enter the debate! (Brush up on your debating skills)
– Exercises in Critical Thinking and Argumentation
– Young, LGBT+ and Muslim? (In person)
– I-matter workshop (Identity, self-confidence and social advocacy)
– Networking / applying for a job
– Surfin’ with Epicurus
– LGBTQ Rights in Europe: a legal case study
– Saving lives: organ donation in Europe. Regulation, collaboration and ethical challenges

In our virtual ateliers we gather every Monday night of October in small groups of 8 to discuss a specific theme that’s crucial for the future of Europe. The goal is to present our findings to EU Hydra com policy makers and the world during the closing event on 30 October.

– Gender Policy in the EU
– Climate Refugees in the EU
– Humanism vs. Nationalism in Europe

Info and registration:

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