HAI Statement on Damage to Corcomroe Abbey

The Humanist Association of Ireland (HAI)

The HAI is aware of alleged damage caused by so called humanist weddings to Corcomroe Abbey. The HAI follows the General Registrar’s guidance on permissible locations for legal weddings. Our standards require that all legal humanist wedding ceremonies must take place in a venue with a postal address, which is open to the public, and one at which staff are on duty on the date of the ceremony, and any outdoor venue must be adjacent to a legally compliant venue. The HAI believes Corcomroe Abbey does not meet these requirements, and the HAI has no record of any of our wedding ceremonies having taken place in this venue.

No official HAI ceremonies have taken place at Corcomroe Abbey

The HAI is the only body approved by the General Registrar to legally solemnise humanist marriages in Ireland.  The HAI wishes to clarify that celebrants from the Humanist Association of Ireland have not carried out ceremonies which have caused damage to a sensitive national site and wishes to distance itself from any such behaviour.

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