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As well as meetings organised at a local level, the HAI organises regular national events where people can meet and engage on topics of common interest. Since the Covid19 pandemic, all events have taken place virtually via Zoom.

April Event: Creating a basic income system for Ireland - some proposals

Now available to view here on our Humanism Ireland YouTube channel.

Implementing a basic income in Ireland

For our April event, our guest speaker was Research and Policy Analyst Michelle Murphy. Michelle presented different approaches to implementing a basic income system, and outline some proposals as to how a basic system for Ireland could be implemented.

Michelle Murphy is Research and Policy Analyst with Social Justice Ireland. Among her main areas of interest are the impact of policy on income distribution, the interaction of a minimum social floor and just transition and sustainability and regional development.  She is also responsible for Social Justice Ireland’s European engagement including the European Semester and the Pillar of Social Rights.




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