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August Event: Should Philosophy be Taught in Schools? Challenges and Opportunities


Marelle has a relentless passion for education and philosophy and has spent two decades embedding philosophical inquiry into her teaching and learning environment.  She worked in the UK as Head of Religion, Philosophy and Ethics in both the state and independent sectors and was actively involved in teacher professional development in Philosophy for/with Children (P4C) during this time.
Marelle’s work with the NCCA on the Philosophy Short Course lured her back to Ireland in 2017 and she wears several hats as she supports the development of Philosophical Inquiry and P4C in all areas of the Irish education system.
Co-founder of Philosophy Ireland and Director of The Thinker’s Midwife, Marelle lectures on the PME programme with the School of Education, University College Dublin, and is involved in several educational initiatives there, including the SFI funded project; ‘Girls in DEIS Schools: Changing Attitudes, Impacting Futures in STEM’, which was shortlisted by the Teaching Council for their Teachers Inspire Award for Teacher Collaboration in September 2019.  In more recent times, Marelle has turned her attention to educational projects focusing on Cyber Resilience, Digital Technologies, and Global Citizenship Education.

This talk will take place on Wednesday 24th August at 19:30 on Zoom.

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