Thinking of becoming a member? The most tangible way of supporting our work is by joining the Humanist Association of Ireland. An increase in numbers strengthens our voice – and yours.


If you agree with our aims and ambitions, we would welcome you to the expanding ranks of HAI members where you will meet like-minded people. We understand that many free-thinkers are not ‘joiners’, but to make a difference we need numbers! See the Membership page for details. Membership will help our voice and yours be heard and entitles you to receive the bi-monthly Hi! Magazine and the monthly  e-Newsletter.


You can meet other members by attending our regular monthly meetings held on the first Sunday of each month from 4-6pm in the Ashling Hotel near Heuston Station in Dublin 8. Non-members are always welcome. We have some marvellous and energetic discussions with many and varying points of view put forward at our meetings. Come along and see for yourself. Or join us at the Summer School in late summer each year in Carlingford where Humanists from north and south meet up for discussion and socialising.


Local groups in Cork, Galway, Kilkenny and Limerick also meet regularly. Check out the Local Groups page for more details.


If you have time and/or skills to offer you could Volunteer to help forward the aims of the HAI.


You can also submit articles for publication in Hi! Magazine or become peripherally involved in one of our development workshops.


If any member is not receiving the HAI newsletter or the magazine, please contact the Administrator by email or phone.