The HAI is working towards a secular state and the equal treatment of people of no religion in the Constitution, in legislation and other practices of the State and its agencies by campaigning on behalf of the non-religious in Ireland in a number of areas.  These and other topics are more fully described in the HAI publication Equality for the Non-Religious.


On an ongoing basis, the HAI seeks to have a secular Constitution and has identified the need for change in the following areas:

The Constitution itself by deleting:

    • the religious preamble
    • the requirement for religious oaths/declarations for judges and holders of high office
    • its concept of blasphemy


Changes in State practices relating to:

    • ceremonies
    • Oireachtas prayers
    • religious oaths for jurors and witnesses
    • the use of State property for religious purposes
    • primary and secondary education  (including primary teacher training, school chaplains and the religious curriculum)
    • medical care
    • religious symbols in public places
    • the  national Census
    • the use of State employees for religious purposes


A successful HAI campaign, spearheaded by our Director of Ceremonies, Brian Whiteside, came to fruition with the passage of the Civil Registration (Amendment) Bill to give legal status to Humanist marriage through the Dáil and Seanad in late 2012.  HAI celebrants are now included on the GRO list of marriage solmenisers.

Previous Single-Issue Public Campaigns

The HAI has been involved in a number of single-issue campaigns, including

  • An ad in all  DART carriages drawing attention the requirement for religious oaths for judges and for the Presidency in 2009 under the heading; IS IT FAIR?
  • A similar DART ad highlighting the loaded nature of the Religion question in the 2011 Census form.


The HAI is always actively interested in maximising its membership and its influence. If you would like to become involved please see our Membership page.


Humanism Stand GPO Sept 2014