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Call for submissions of personal stories

Personal Stories

As part of our Education Advocacy campaign, we are developing a “personal stories” segment for the campaign, that will include personal stories of people who experienced religious discrimination in Irish schools. The aim of this segment is to raise awareness, and provide understanding of how schools’ religious ethos, affects rights and treatment of non-religious children in schools in Ireland, and point out inequality in the current education setting.

  • Have you experienced discrimination in the admission policy of your school?
  • Has your child been made to feel different because of being opted out?
  • Has your child been forced to sit at the back of the classroom during religion class?
  • Has your child been coerced to take religious instruction?
  • Have they been involved in religious occasions, against your wishes?
  • If you are a teacher, have you experienced discrimination because of your non-religious views?

If you, or your family member, have had such experiences, and would like to share it, please contact Sylvia at The experiences may be shared on our website and social media and can be submitted and/or published anonymously.

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