HAI in the Media

50 Year Old Rule 68 to be Removed

Minister for Education Jan O’Sullivan is to remove a 50-year old official rule which gives religion classes a […]

No Change on Census Form for Non-Believers

Brian Whiteside, our HAI Director of Ceremonies, commented for this article in The Sunday Times: A NO-RELIGION option […]

Limerick School Allows Student to Opt Out of Religious Studies

Minister for Education,  Jan O’Sullivan,  said parents have the right to decide whether or not their children attend […]

Claire Byrne Live

On 2nd November, 2015 at 9.30 p.m. the Claire Byrne Live programme on RTE  a studio audience and […]

Fastnet Tragedy Memorial Service

A memorial service was held on Cape Clear Island on August 23rd to honour the memory of those […]

iRadio wedding not a HAI-accredited celebrant

18th June, 2015 The Humanist Association of Ireland (HAI) wishes to state that the recent iRadio wedding was […]

Radio Ulster’s Sunday Sequence Discuss Angelus

Brian Whiteside, HAI Director of Ceremonies, spoke On Radio Ulster’s Sunday Sequence programme hosted by Audrey Carville.  The […]

Cork Educate Together School Celebration

Children make history in Cork Humanist Event The following article appeared in the Cork Evening Echo June 2015 […]

Paulo Tullio’s Funeral

Brian McClinton, Humanist Ireland Director of Ceremonies, conducted the funeral of Paulo Tullio in the Examination Hall in […]

HAI Represented at Irish Times Memorial Service

Brian Whiteside, Director of Ceremonies with the Irish Humanist Association, was invited by the Irish Times to be […]