Planting Tiny Forests in Your Neighbourhood

We are delighted to welcome Ashe Conrad-Jones and Catherine Cleary who will be speaking at our April event about Planting Tiny Forests in Your Neighbourhood. Ashe is an Australian tree nut and co-founder of event company, Gorilla Design, which she has helped run for over 15 years. She’s sick of looking at concrete and wants life to feel lighter and greener for everyone in the neighbourhood. She’s done a deep dive into the world of trees and finds forests a constant source of wonder. She is tired of being paralysed by the Climate and Biodiversity Crisis and wants to help people make a positive change.
Catherine is an award-winning writer who loves living in a city but hankers after the solace of nature.  She frets about how our industrial food system has depleted nature and habitats for wildlife. She believes planting trees is something we can all do to help create ecosystems on our doorsteps and bring beauty into our cities. She loves ash trees, black coffee and is a recent convert to scalding cold sea swims.

Would you like to listen and join in the discussion? Join us here on Zoom on Wednesday 19th April at 19:30.  All welcome.

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