Humanist Contribution to the Presidential Inauguration







Humanists participate in inauguration of
President Michael D Higgins


The Humanist Association of Ireland was honoured to formally participate in the inauguration of President Michael D.Higgins on Sunday 11th November 2018.


“President Higgins was the first President of Ireland to include humanists in the official inauguration ceremony in 2011. This gesture of inclusion towards those of no religion was very significant and we are delighted that the President has continued the practice,” said Steve Rawson, Chairperson Humanist Association of Ireland.


“Over one in ten adults in Ireland identify themselves as non- religious, the inclusion of the Humanist Association of Ireland, side by side with the leaders of traditional faith organisations, is a welcome reflection of Ireland’s increasing diversity,” he continued.


The Humanist Reflection from Mr Rawson was as follows:


“On behalf of Humanists throughout Ireland, we are honoured to participate in the inauguration of our President Michael D. Higgins.

Humanists believe in the intrinsic value of every person, and in their right to live a life of dignity and to participate fully in society.


We believe in people’s capacity to make proactive, ethical decisions, based on human knowledge.


We hold in our hearts today Humanists in other parts of the world who do not enjoy the same freedoms as us.


We are grateful to live in a country that values freedom of speech, opinion and religion.


And, in these difficulties times globally, we are heartened that our President is a champion of human rights, of invigorating creativity and of human kindness.


The President’s vision for a Republic of Equality is one that we share.


For women, for our children, for marginalized communities and for our planet, this vision is vital.


Today, we commit ourselves, both individually and collectively, to the President’s vision,


And we commit ourselves to supporting our President on his continued journey of considered, compassionate, thought-provoking, leadership.”