HAI Representatives Speak at Glasnevin Rememberance Wall


Enda Kenny greets Síle Headen

The Humanist Association of Ireland were represented by Síle Headen, Chairperson and Oisin Carey who spoke at the unveiling of the 1916 Rememberance Wall in Glasnevin. See their speeches below



Síle Headen: We, the Humanist Association of Ireland, join here in a common purpose to remember the events of the 1916 Rising.
We commemorate all those who lost their lives and otherwise were caught-up in the turmoil of this event.
Their sacrifices and vision shaped a new Ireland based on the ideals of peace, liberty, tolerance, justice and equality for all regardless of religion or beliefs.
All of us are the beneficiaries of that vision.
We have come here to offer prayers and reflection to inspire us to continue our The commitment to that vision.
We can make that commitment based on our common humanity.

And the following was read by Oisín:

The Humanist Association of Ireland stands together with these religious representatives to reaffirm the commitments made by the Irish rebel forces in the year 1916.
These brave men and women stood, as we here do today, for the protection of the most basic of human rights:
freedom and control of one’s own destiny, civil liberty, gender and class equality.
We acknowledge the responsibility of Irish society to continue this brave tradition of moral progress, and to ensure the rights of people of any religious tradition, and the people who live without religion.
We stand together now as a single Irish people, united by the flag of our country, the Republic of Ireland