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We are very pleased to announce that we are launching a group for families. A regular social get-together for Humanist parents and their babies and children.

The idea is to get together one Sunday a month with the kids, have a chat around a particular issue, discuss any issues that are currently affecting members, have the occasional guest speaker from HAI, and generally just to play and socialise our wonderful children with the aim of forming a supportive community.

Issues covered will be school access, not baptising children, moral upbringing without religion and much more!

Please click here to join our Facebook group. One point to note is that this group is intended for HAI members, so if there are people with whom you want to share this, please ensure that they are members first. They may join via the website of course!

We held our first meeting on the afternoon of Sunday 19th  June in the cafe section of the Irish Museum of Modern Art.

Our first topic is to introduce ourselves and our families in a relaxed and open atmosphere. These meetings will be chaotic, our twins are 18 months old(!), so come along and join us on the exciting journey of raising our children with ethics and morals, but without religion.


Joe, Lucy and Charlie & Archie Rigby