Previous Speaker: Broden Giambrone TENI

HAI First Sunday Meeting September 6, 2015

Our speaker was Broden Giambrone (Chief Executive) of Transgender Equality Network Ireland. TENI seeks to improve conditions and advance the rights and equality of trans people and their families.  Despite significant progress in the past years, Ireland remains a place where it is difficult for  trans people to lead safe, healthy and integrated lives. TENI is dedicated to ending transphobia, including stigma, discrimination and inequality.

TENI engages in activities that promote the equality and well-being of trans people in Ireland.

Broden will look at what it means to be transgender in Ireland today. This talk will begin by looking at the concepts of gender and sex and how we understand them. Broden will then explore the issues facing trans people and share the lived experiences of this community. He will discuss the trans rights movement and what visibility means for social change. He will end by looking at how people can support the struggle for trans rights and equality.
Broden has been involved in community organising, research and capacity building in trans communities for over fourteen years. In his current role, Broden leads TENI’s advocacy and public awareness campaigns. He is also an experienced public speaker and has delivered presentations across Europe and Canada.

Broden holds a Master’s in Public Health (Health Promotion) from the University of Toronto, which focused on Community Development and Policy development in the field of trans health. Broden has been published in numerous academic journals such as BMC Family Practice, Journal of Community Psychology, Action Research Journal and the Center for AIDS Prevention Studies. He has also written opinion editorials for the Irish Times, Irish Sun and GCN